Wiebke Nedel

geb. Deutschland | 1972
Muizenberg | South Africa since 2004

Wiebke works as a freelance facilitator worldwide. She lives in South Africa and devotes her work and life to personal development and leadership in a global context. As International Programme Manager of Educo Africa she runs wilderness and community based Social Justice and conscious global citizenship courses for groups of academics, professionals and young people from all over the world. Experiential methodology and the use of wilderness as a tool for growth and self-recognition are central in her work. She has an MA in Education (Germany) and is a certified Wilderness and Vision Quest guide (South Africa/ USA) with 20 years of experience.

Aus- und Weiterbildungen

  • National Qualifiaction for the teaching of English and Fine Arts Grade 5-13
    (2. Staatsexamen) Berlin, Germany

  • Information Technology – Certified Studies for Teachers
    University of Bremen, Germany

  • MA in Education: in English, Fine Arts, Pedagogy
    University of Bremen, Germany

  • Majors: English, Fine Arts, Pedagogy
    University of Bremen, Germany

  • Majors: American & Canadian Literature, Fine Arts
    University of British Columbia, Canada
    Full Scholarship of the German Academic Exchange Service DAAD

  • Majors: English, German, Pedagogy
    University of Trier, Germany
    BA in English (Linguistics and Literature)

Erfahrungen | Engagement | Kompetenzbereiche

  • Wilderness First Responder Qualification
  • Common Purpose – Leading beyond Authority- Global Leadership Programme
  • Rites of Passage/ Vision Quest – staff training including 2 day VQ re-visit (lead facilitator)
  • Leaders Quest – International Leadership “Pow Wow” – Mumbai/Jaipur - India
  • Co-facilitation with Meredith Little ( Founder of the School of Lost Borders) of two “Mirroring” trainings and a “Practice of Living & Dying” course
  • Vision Quest re-visit, South Africa
  • Vision Quest, Austria
  • Presencing Advanced Programme – Theory U by Presencing Institute/MIT in Cape Town, South Africa
  • Month long Training as a Vision Quest Guide by The School of Lost Borders in California, US
  • Presencing Foundation Programme – Theory U by Presencing Institute/MIT in CapeTown, South Africa
  • Vision Quest, South Africa
  • Certification as SAQA accredited Abseil Supervisor & Mountain Walking Leader (Theta)
    Unit Standard: 9283 TG20
    Unit Standard: 9284 TG19
  • Top-Rope Supervisor Award (Certification through MDT – South African Mountaineering Development & Training Trust)
  • Vision Quest – Basic Wilderness Therapeutic Experience and Skills Training through RBA Renaissance Business Associates
  • Certification as SAQA accredited Facilitator/Trainer (ETDP Seta)
    Unit Standard: US 117871 ‚Facilitate learning using a variety of given methodologies’
  • Certification as SAQA accredited Moderator (ETDP Seta)
    Unit Standard: US 115759 ‚Conduct moderation of outcomes-based assessments’
  • Certification as SAQA accredited Assessor and Assessment  Designer (ETDP Seta)
    Unit Standard: US 115755 ‚Design and develop outcomes-based assessments'
    Unit Standard: US 115753 ‘Conduct outcomes-based assessments’
  • MBA course: “Leadership, Management and Governance Strategies for the Non-Profit and Non-Governmental Organisation”
  • Prof. Jeff Pryor, Ed.D. (Regis University Colorado, USA;
    USB University of Stellenbosch, Business School
  • Lions Quest Life-Skill Programme
  • Next Generation Influencers: British Council, Berlin
  • Berlin Institute For School and Media „Teaching Intel fort he Future“ Certification in Intel, Mediator and PowerPoint Usage for schools
  • Youth Culture and Right Wing Extremism
  • Training and certification as Leading Crew Member (Toppsgast) on board the Training Tall Ship “Roald Amundsen” through the NGO “Learning to live on Sailboats” (LLaS e.V. „Leben Lernen auf Segelschiffen e.V.“)